Every good idea has NOT been done

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Every good idea has NOT been done.

It's become cliche to say that they have. But if you think of creativity as a place that you're simply exploring, it becomes obvious that these trends you see are simply trails that people tend to stick to because they're easier.

Everybody takes trails. You should follow them and see where they go and where they join up with other trails. But you can also take a step off to the left or right, and you're on a completely new trail.

It can, of course, be hard to try to find a place to step that no one has ever stepped before. But, don't forget:

There's a whole everything out there.

What about the depths of the sea, or the infinity of the sky?

To say that everything's been done is like saying humanity has been everywhere. Sure, it can seem that way, but we’ve really hardly seen much at all. So, without further ado,

Let's go exploring...

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New Games

powerLeveler icon
Power Leveler
Take an idea or concept and level it to its extremes
fancyPanels icon
Fancy Panels
Write a comic starting with some fancy panels
themeDays icon
Theme Days
Start every day with a theme to research.

Top Games

prompter icon
Find a jumping off point for a game.
ideaBox icon
Idea Box
Fill up a space with ideas.
100things icon
100 Things
Draw variations or add detail to scenes for a hundred times.
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