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Breaks and Distractions
(Jul 31, 2016)

Unrelated to our recent hiatus, let's talk for a moment about breaks.

You may notice that some of your best ideas come to you, not when you're trying to find them, but when you're letting your mind wander. This is normal, and why the subject of breaks and distractions is important.

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Update : Computer
(Jul 24, 2016)

Omusing has been pretty stagnant this month, as you may have noticed, aside from the social media feeds. There's a new computer being set up, and a vacation that happened. New content and features are on the way.

New Frontiers
(Jun 4, 2016)

The people we remember are often just the first to explore somewhere. For example, how many people can you name who've gone to the moon? With artists as well, the most famous aren't always the best, but the first ones to get a thing they're doing right.

If your goal is to make a name for yourself, keep your eyes open for new frontiers...

New Features
(May 23, 2016)

You may have noticed a new random button when you scroll to the bottom of a page. You can now go to a random page for inspiration. Here are some more features we look to roll out in the coming months:

  1. Comments and user tips w/ a link to your work.
  2. New games and widgets, including widgets that interact with other users.
  3. Utility widgets, such as a notepad.

Stay tuned.

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