Oh The Futility
(Apr 24, 2016)

Sometimes it can feel like your work will never reach the level you want it to, and you’ll start to wonder what’s the point. Or, maybe, you don’t know who you want to be yet, and you just feel tired of looking. If you don’t know where you’re going, here’s some tips to keep moving until you find yourself in a better place.

Lucy and the football.

Choosing Ideas
(Apr 2, 2016)

Finding ideas is often the easy part. Deciding which idea to proceed with from your abundance can be the challenge.

If it was just as easy as picking your favorite, there wouldn't be a problem. But, other people make it tricky. You have a limited compacity for knowing how people will react to your work.

The problem is that you are very familiar with your own line of thought.

NWAR - by Dan Markowitz
(Mar 16, 2016)

Doing everything in my limited power to support independent artists is one of my passions. In the Spotlight section, we will feature artists I find that aren't getting nearly the attention I think they deserve.

NWAR screencap

Puns are an underrated art form, aren't they? Okay, maybe you disagree... But, if you happen to be a fan of playing with language, you need to check out NWAR.

Design Where You Post
(Mar 14, 2016)

Artists are often told to keep their audience in mind when they create. Seldom, though, does anyone go into any practical ways of doing that.

In Walter Murch's excellent book on the topic of editing film, In the Blink of an Eye, he mentions how sometimes he will tape a cut-out silhouette of an audience to the bottom of his window to remind himself how his work will eventually be experienced.

New Games

powerLeveler icon
Power Leveler
Take an idea or concept and level it to its extremes
fancyPanels icon
Fancy Panels
Write a comic starting with some fancy panels
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Theme Days
Start every day with a theme to research.

Top Games

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Find a jumping off point for a game.
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Idea Box
Fill up a space with ideas.
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100 Things
Draw variations or add detail to scenes for a hundred times.
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