100 Things

Basic Idea

When doing exercises, a hundred is a nice round number to play with. Take a prompt and doodle one hundred things. Keep a tally at the top of your page.


You can take an unstructured approach.

Example of less structured approach

Alternatively, the book Creative Workshop features a variation where you draw on a 10x10 grid.

Example from Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop is a book of project-oriented design exercises. If your aim is to work as a professional designer, this is a book worth looking into. Buying from the link below helps support Omusing.com.

You can also try to add a hundred details to a scene, like your own Where's Waldo:

Example of a scene.

Or, just make a complete mess. Who are you trying to impress?

Another example of a scene.

Good Luck, and keep exploring.

    Good Sources of Prompts
  • Things you need practice drawing
  • Prompter
    More Prompts to get you started
  • A great battle between Dentists and Vampires
  • A mad scientist's kitchen
  • A logo for yourself

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100 Things
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