Power Leveler

Basic Idea

In this game, you will take something to it's logical extremes, as if it were a character in a roleplaying game. Find a prompt. For this example, we'll use "clock." Start from the most basic version you can think of for your subject, and make it level one.

level 1 clock

From there, keep leveling your character. See how far you can take it.

level 2 and 3 clock level 4 and 5 clock level 13 and 17 clock level 20 and 35 clock level 50 clock


Instead of drawing, try giving your subject a description of new power for every level. Try branching pathways.

    Good Sources of Prompts
  • Your projects: What's the 100th level your website look like?
  • Themed Characters
  • Animals

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Power Leveler
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