New Game : Theme Days
(May 29, 2016)

Knowing a lot of different topics is vital to making the connections you need to come up with original ideas. The less you know, the fewer options you have. If you're not naturally studious, this can be a challenge. Today's new game, Theme Days, is an exercise to help. Read more here.


New Games

powerLeveler icon
Power Leveler
Take an idea or concept and level it to its extremes
fancyPanels icon
Fancy Panels
Write a comic starting with some fancy panels
themeDays icon
Theme Days
Start every day with a theme to research.

Top Games

prompter icon
Find a jumping off point for a game.
ideaBox icon
Idea Box
Fill up a space with ideas.
100things icon
100 Things
Draw variations or add detail to scenes for a hundred times.
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