Idea Box

Basic Idea

Brainstorming can be a little bit easier if you start with a box. Draw a rectangle on a piece of paper. Then write a topic of your choosing in the middle.

Funny looking fat animals

Now, fill all the remaining white space with ideas.

Funny looking fat animals

Feeling confident? Make a bigger box. Or try to fill a whole page. Here's some more examples.

More examples

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    More Prompts to get you started
  • Bad Pet Names
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Completing a ghost's unfinished business

New Games

powerLeveler icon
Power Leveler
Take an idea or concept and level it to its extremes
fancyPanels icon
Fancy Panels
Write a comic starting with some fancy panels
themeDays icon
Theme Days
Start every day with a theme to research.

Top Games

prompter icon
Find a jumping off point for a game.
ideaBox icon
Idea Box
Fill up a space with ideas.
100things icon
100 Things
Draw variations or add detail to scenes for a hundred times.
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